Quran Gate is a historical gate located in northeastern entrance of the city of Shiraz in the canyon of Allah-o Akbar between Chehel Maqam Mountain and Baba-Koohi Mountain located at the exit of Shiraz towards the city of Marvdasht.

The Gate was first built during the reign of ‘Adud ad-Dawla. By the time of the Zand dynasty, in which there were kept hand-written Qur’āns by Sultan Ibrahim Bin Shahrukh Gurekani. Travelers passing underneath the gates were believed to receive the blessing of the Holy Book as they began their trip or journey from Shiraz.

Quran Gate is one of the symbols of Shiraz. A beautiful park is designed around the gate. Moreover, the tomb of the famous Persian poet of the 13th century, Khawju Kermani, is in a close vicinity to Quran Gate.

The Quran Gate has been damaged so many times. Karim Khan Zand, founder of the zand dynasty, renovated the gate and made it look even better than before. But the earthquakes that took place in Qajar era ruined it again. Nevertheless, renovations on this gate were never stopped. In 1937, the gate was totally destructed by the municipality of the time using dynamites. The Qurans above the gate were also transferred to Pars Museum.

In 1949, a well-reputed Shirazi businessman, Etemad-ol Tojjar, built another Quran Gate in a very short distance from the former one. According to his will, his dead body was buried in the small room on the left side of the gate.

Today beside of this gate, is the highway to the cities of Isfahan and Tehran. The Quran Gate was registered on Iran’s National Heritage list in 1997.

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