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High up north west in Iran, in the Azerbaijan region, stands one of second Iran highest mountain, Sabalan. 4811 M ( same height as Mont Blanc in France). About a two hour drive from Tabriz and 1 hour form MshginShahr town, lies an inactive volcano . This volcano houses an extremely beautiful natural lake right on its peak .

Some thing more which made this mountain unique and sacred ,that its believed as a place Zoraster was praying God and meditating there beside “Mehrab stone” (15 min before arriving summit).nowadays its so papoular among mountaineers to hike it up especially in high season(june-september) and not only for its amazing nature but also natural hot springs around it which you can take all your tiredness away there.

Tour Plan:

First day:

Our journey will start from Tabriz early in the morning and we will head to Meshgin Shahr first and before heading to mountain foot, we will visit the longest suspension bridge of the middle east .there you can also find a lot archaeological galleries and local foods especially Nomads culture and foods.

After shopping the necessary foods and stuff and having a light lunch, we will leave Meshgin Shahr to Shabil Hot spring which is the beginning of the road for mountain. In Shabil we will take off-road cars till base camp and normally we should be in base camp in the evening .

In base camp already a room will be booked. After putting our stuff in the camp room , you will have a light 1 hour hiking up around for adapting the bodies to altitude changes , and then getting ready to sleep.

Second day:

We will get up around 3.30 in the morning and getting ready for start of our hike? Having some light food and taking enough drinks and food for the way. We will have almost 4-6 hours hiking till summit and depends on the season some parts will be rocky and sandy and upper parts definitely snowy. After reaching to summit we will have 1 hour rest and taking picture and then will come back down to the base camp. After packing everything in shelter we will go down again by off-roads car to Shabil Hot spring. Now  We will have the most pleasurable part of our trip by jumping into the hot spring.

The tour will be finished by driving back to the Tabriz.


This tour needs special mountaineering clothing and shoes and also some equipment plus sleeping bag , so our customer service will explain what you  will need with details.if anything you may not have , we will provide you.

In high season maybe all shelter rooms will be booked which in that case we will provide you mountaineering Tents.

Included services:

All transports from Tabriz and till coming back Tabriz, all meals (2 breakfast , 2 lunch ,1 dinner)

, shelter in base camp