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Persian ّّFood Tour

7 days

If you are a food lover seeking a local, authentic, behind-the-scenes food experience, you will be amazed by the variety of food options in every corner of Iran. On our food tour, you’ll taste local specialties like Mirza Ghasemi, Koofteh Tabrizi, and Gheimeh Nesar, not to mention our famous Abgoosht! Let us take you to the places that only locals know about and experience the daily life in Iranian cities which will stay with you for a long time. Highlights include:

  • Experiencing authentic local cuisine
  • Visiting some of the most popular monuments
  • Visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Special treats: Aabgousht, Koofteh Tabrizi, Ash-e Dough, Ash-e Miveh, Torshi Garma Stew, Mirza Ghassemi, Baghali Ghatogh, Qeimeh Nesar
  • Itinerary
  • Day 1
  • The tour starts in Tehran. After arriving at the Imam Khomeini International Airport, you will be transferred to the hotel to do the check-in. The first program involves visiting some of Tehran’s most iconic attractions including Golestan Palace which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Grand Bazaar, and National Museum of Iran Bastan. For lunch, we will have our first Iranian dish called Dizi or Aabgousht. We will also learn how the food is cooked, prepared and served.
  • Day 2
  • Early in the morning after breakfast we leave the hotel and travel to Tabriz by land. After we arrive in Tabriz, we will have some time to visit some of the city’s highlights. These include Kaboud MosqueAzerbaijan Museum, Qajar House (Amir Nezam House), Constitution House of Tabriz, and of course the traditional Bazaar (Timcheh-e Mozaffariye) where we taste the delicious Koofteh Tabrizi which is a popular local food.
  • Day 3
  • On this day we leave Tabriz for Ardabil. The road to Ardabil is just amazing. On the way, we enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and the fresh weather in the mountains. In Ardabil, we visit the tomb of Sheikh Safi-ad-din Ardabili which is the city’s most significant monument. There are several dishes you shouldn’t miss while you are in the city. Ash-e Dough, Ash-e Miveh (Miveh stands for fruit), and Torshi Garma Stew are all among them.
  • Day 4
  • We hit the road to the Caspian Sea region. On the way, we get the chance to visit the magnificent village of Masuleh. Then we go to Fooman and taste their famous delicious cookies, later we head to the Anzali port. For our lunch we will have Mirza Ghassemi, the most famous local food. Anzali has a really beautiful lagoon called “Anzali Lagoon” which has an eye-catching scenery. Here we can enjoy the taste of freshly caught fish from the Caspian Sea, grilled or fried by local people.
  • Day 5
  • In Iran, each city is famous for a particular reason. Rasht is designated by UNESCO as a creative city of gastronomy. In this city, you can enjoy lots of different local foods like Kateh Kebab (cooked rice and kebab), Baghali Ghatogh, Mirza Ghasemi, and Torshi Kebab (Sour Kebab). A visit to Rasht is not complete until you explore its local Bazaar and see Gilan’s Rural Heritage Museum.
  • Day 6
  • The last stop on our tour is the beautiful, historical city of Qazvin. Here you can visit the Caravanserai of Sa’d al-Saltaneh, Bist Sotoun, Jameh Mosque of Qazvin, Qajar Bathhouse & Anthropology Museum. The city is famous for its Qeime Nesar which is a really tasty stew, served with plain cooked rice.
  • Day 7
  • The tour ends here and we will be transferred to Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport for the return flight.